Kepkey Software
Job Description

Kepkey Software is a fast growing technology company, and we build state-of-the-art software applications that our customers are passionate about.

You will design and develop quality software for next-generation products. As a core application developer, you will be working on C#, Java and C++-based products on which we build quality applications. You should be able to take on a variety of projects, and do this and more in a highly collaborative environment. Your fellow teammates are talented professionals who are dedicated to helping people solve a varitey of problems.

You need at least three years of experience coding and solving complex problems. You should understand what it takes to write software that is used by thousands of people, and you should have relentlessly high standards. You need to understand the importance of automation and writing tests for your own code as a way of maintaining high quality in your products. You should love writing software that is robust, scalable, and that performs well. You should be a true team player, and enjoy collaborating, learning from or teaching others so we can all become better developers. You should have solid development skills in C#, Java and and C++. Send resumes to mjkoepp@gmail.com.